Difference between 1800 & 1300 Number

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Weighing the difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers is an important task for you before choosing a number for your business as it will affect the overall operating cost.

Let’s start by pitting these two-number based on the way call costs are divided between your business and the caller.

Difference 1: Call Charges

1300 Number Call Charges

What your callers pay

Callers normally pay the price of a local call which is set by the caller’s landline carrier, in this case, will be TM Net Malaysia. If an individual ring your 1300 number from a mobile phone, they are charged at a rate set by their mobile phone carrier, which may be more than the cost of a local call.

What your business pays

Businesses are billed pro-rata in 1-second increments. A minimum charge of 15¢ per call applies to long-distance and mobile calls made as part of our free talk-time offer available on our SAVER and SUPER SAVER plans.

1800 Number Call Charges

What your callers pay

All inbound calls are free when made from a landline. However, caller get charged at a rate set by their selected mobile carrier if they use mobile.

What your business pays

Depending on a call is answered on a landline or mobile phone, your business will pay a minimum of 15¢ per call for long-distance and mobile calls, which is billed pro-rata in one second increments.

Difference 2: Common Preferred Number

1300 numbers are recognized as ‘Local Call Numbers’ because callers normally have to pay the cost of a local call. One of the benefits of having 1300 number is to provide customers with low-cost access to your business.

On the other hand, 1800 numbers are known as ‘Tollfree numbers’ or ‘Free-call numbers’ because callers don’t have to pay for a single cent when they make a call to your business.

Consumer understanding has built-up over many years of business investment in marketing 1800 numbers. Therefore, the decision lies on the company goal when it comes to choosing 1800 number or 1300 number. If your goal is to remove barriers that prevent customers contacting your business, then a tollfree 1800 number may be the best solution.

*Note that for both types of numbers, if a customer calls on a mobile phone they will be charged at a rate determined by their mobile phone carrier, which may be higher than the landline rate.

Difference 3: What advertising claims can your business make?

Although these two number can be advertised as being Tollfree or Free-call from a landline, however, it is advisable not to advertise 1300 numbers as being Tollfree because callers still share the cost of a call.

Perhaps, a call-to-action that promotes free-call access to your business is a highly effective way to increase response rates to your advertising campaigns.

Difference 4: Memorability of your number

1800 88 8800 and 1800 22 8282 are numbers that have repeating patterns which your customer will remember at the first glance. Besides repeating number, you may have your brand in your tollfree number. E,g 1800-88-AUDI which spells in 1800-88-2834.

If company objective is to let customer recall your number, then you should consider the advantages of securing a memorable number from the list of those currently available.

You may search for available numbers here.

Because the pool of numbers is constantly changing and you may not be able to acquire a memorable 1300 number that is not available as an 1800 number (and vice versa). We recommend you to send in an inquiry to check the availability of the preferred number and securing it.

So, which type of number is right for your business?

Contact us if you need more help on choosing the right number for your business.

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